Genesis : Another Creation Day by Sanghoon Lee
© 2011 Sanghoon Lee
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:
      "Here’s a wonderful puzzle: Is it inspiration, despair, or a little of both? Birds flying to freedom or angels of death? The maze of overlapping frames and planes won’t quite resolve yet still adds up to a newfound world. Really interesting technique!"

    • Title: Genesis : Another Creation Day
    • Artist: Sanghoon Lee
    • From: Santa Barbara, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (805) 4032429
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    Artist Statement

    "I am a photographer and multimedia artist from South Korea. My work ranges from traditional photography to installation and found object art. The work shown here is part of series for which I make diorama-like paper construction, which I shoot in black and white with a medium-format film camera. The resulting images represent an imaginative universe of my own creation rooted not in truth buy in the sheer exploratory power of thought."