My Braille Typewriter by Larry Louie
© 2011 Larry Louie

    • Title: My Braille Typewriter
    • Artist: Larry Louie
    • From: Edmonton, AB Canada

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    • Phone: + 1 (780) 4881999
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    • Address: 10634-124 Street
      Edmonton, AB T5N1S3, Canada

    Artist Statement

    "Visually impaired students working on Braille typewriters at the Mwereni Primary School for the blind and vision impaired in Moshi, Tanzania. The centre is sponsored by Seva Canada and KCCO (Kilimanjaro Center for Community Ophthalmology), a major teaching and research hospital for sub-Saharan Africa. In countries such as Tanzania, it is already a difficult place to live in for normal sighted people, let alone the blind or visually impaired. Legal rights of the disable are often sidelined. Many NGO’s provide equal education not only to normal sighted children living in poverty but also the many disabled children who are often regarded as useless and a burden in the community. Slowly, this attitude is changing as the disable become more able to contribute to the community and provide for their family through education and labor. This is also a mean to end the vicious cycle of poverty in the area."