Illness by Sara Belleau
© 2011 Sara Belleau

    • Title: Illness
    • Artist: Sara Belleau
    • From: Minneapolis, MN USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (612) 823-2917
    • Address: 5520 Blaisdell
      Minneapolis, MN 55419, USA

    Artist Statement

    "Illness is part of a larger photo series I have been working on titled the Parables, it is without a doubt the most dramatic image I have ever made and I make no apologies for it. As humans we have the potential to experience a wide range of emotion and as an artist I feel duty bound to convey some of the horror and elation of our diverse experiences. There are few things as frightening, disruptive and arduous as dealing with a life threatening disease. This image is not meant to be a portrait of just one individual but is intended to represent a universal archetype. When combined with carefully selected objects and constructed sets my photographs become an integrated whole that take on symbolic and metaphoric connotations. Each photograph in the series Parables becomes a statement on a tragic, humorous or simply mundane aspect of human nature."