Dancer 2 by Peggy Hansen
© 2011 Peggy Hansen

    • Title: Dancer 2
    • Artist: Peggy Hansen
    • From: boulder creek, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (831) 3450933
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    Artist Statement

    "Matilija poppy, a California native, is delicate and beautiful, to be sure. Its large white blooms with out-sized orange centers make us smile, or laugh (it's known by some as 'fried egg flower'), and dream of summer's advent. But this unique wildflower also bears a complex legacy. Some say it was named for a Chumash resistance leader fighting against the enslaving Spaniards. Another legend has it that the plant arose over the bodies of 2 Chumash lovers, one of whom was killed by the invaders. It thrives in neglected, unglamorous locations and harsh conditions, and is often found in burned areas, earning it the nickname 'fire follower'. Tragedy, the fight for freedom, and rebirth after devastation: inspirational indeed."