Surrounded by Steven Sandbrook
© 2011 Steven Sandbrook

    • Title: Surrounded
    • Artist: Steven Sandbrook
    • From: Wanganui, Wanganui New Zealand

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 64 (06) 3273966
    • Website:
    • Address: PO Box 116
      Wanganui, Wanganui 4540, New Zealand

    Artist Statement

    "Encompassed in darkness, a girl sits between the shadows of threatening chairs and the easing glow of a hopeful candle. Although hemmed in on every side by the gloom, her fragile hold of the light seems unshakable, and the candle's flicker appears caught in time, asking, questioning...

    "A telling candid image, the moment here lasted a remarkably long time, as I set my camera in the pitch darkness and quietly took this photo. The power had gone out, and my family and I sat around talking quietly and sipping hot chocolate heated on the gas barbecue. As usual, my camera was nestled in my hand, an old f2.0 manual lens under my fingertips, and I watched as this scene set itself for me..."

    Camera: Nikon D300 DSLR with split-focus screen
    Lens: f2.0 50mm manual focus
    ISO. 1600, 1/40th at f2.0