Remote Control #1 by Claudio Allia
© 2011 Claudio Allia

    • Title: Remote Control #1
    • Artist: Claudio Allia
    • From: Catania, Europe Italy

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    • Phone: + 39 (095) 322942
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    • Address: Via Salvatore Tomaselli
      Catania, Europe 95124, Italy

    Artist Statement

    Mathare Valley Slum (Nairobi) A.D. 2010.

    "This photo (first of a of ten images series) portraying a child/dweller just in front of the 6ft x 6ft one room shacks made of old corrugated tin where she was born and survives everyday.

    "Shall these kids be able to improve their skills and talents (with right to education and sports) trying to change a future mostly made of hills of garbage, high crime rate, drug abuse, prostitution and child labor involvement?

    "Shall they have a chance to control their lives?"