Self Portrait, Chemo 4th Cycle, 03.2006 - Aftermath series by Kerry Mansfield
© 2011 Kerry Mansfield
      Juror's Comment

      From Robert Nishihira:
      "This is a powerful and courageous self-portrait. It’s 'in your face', no fluff, no frills. It’s honest; it’s not sugar-coated. No one is behind the curtain.

      "Interestingly, Ms. Mansfield lit the portrait, I believe, with a ringlight. This light is often used in glamour and fashion photography. Is she saying, despite the devastating affects of cancer, 'I’m beautiful. I’m glamorous'? Or, is her intent to jar our sensibilities with this incongruity of lighting and content? I don’t know. What I do know is that it is a successful self-portrait."

    • Title: Self Portrait, Chemo 4th Cycle, 03.2006 - Aftermath series
    • Artist: Kerry Mansfield
    • From: San Francisco, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "As a photographer, I've spent most of my career looking deeply into the spaces we inhabit and exploring the idea of Home. But at the age of 31, a diagnosis of breast cancer forced me to redefine my thinking. Faced with the nihilistic process of radical chemotherapy and surgery, my ideas of where I exist turned inward. As the treatment broke down the physical structure in which I lived, the relationship between the cellular self and the metaphysical self became glaringly clear. No one was there when these pictures were made, just my dissolving ideas of self and a camera."