How Basic is Learning? by Barbara Rumrill Dahn
© 2011 Barbara Rumrill Dahn

    • Title: How Basic is Learning?
    • Artist: Barbara Rumrill Dahn
    • From: Cazenovia, NY USA

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    • Address: 3909 East Rd
      Cazenovia, NY 13035, USA

    Artist Statement

    "The camera for me is an eye into memory; a view, a face, a moment in time; something very personal, often something universal. My camera travels with me always, allowing me to revisit those moments and faces. I love the surprise of seeing what my eye thinks it saw and the detail of the moment the camera actually captured. In that moment, I might have missed the look of the younger girl for the older, but in viewing the picture, I then saw past the smile of the older girl for the eyes of the younger.

    "The children of Nepal were wonderful subjects, some shy, some bold. Sounds of 'Namaste, Namaste!' followed us in the different villages along the Dhaulagiri trekking route. The villages in Nepal along the trek are often viewed as being somewhere between medieval living and modern times. Each village is required to build a school and the Nepali government will provide a teacher. In the mountains, many schools are rudimentary, as is this school and may teach only as high as the 5th grade for boys, less for girls. Women are the hard laborers, working in fields and carrying heavy loads. Nepal is one of the few countries where women die at a younger age than men, but I think there is hope in the faces of these children."