Progress by Arley Marks
© 2011 Arley Marks

    • Title: Progress
    • Artist: Arley Marks
    • From: Andover, NY USA

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    • Address: 4635 East Valley RD
      Andover, NY 14806, USA

    Artist Statement

    "The Shanghai landscape has been undergoing a rapid development rising from within the ancient city center and flooding outwards toward the shore. The suburban sprawl becomes the gleaming propositional facade of the new Chinese hegemony. Rubble strewn tracks from recently bulldozed family homes become like stretch marks across the surface of the earth; momentous growth clashing with the frail remnants of an iconic industrial and cultural revolution. History is easily cast aside to accommodate the needs of a forward thinking and increasingly globalized citizenry. All of this is seen through a haze of pollution, a constant reminder that the newly manufactured landscape carries with it a heavy burden of consequence."

    Camera: Panasonic Lumix GF1
    Lens: 20mm
    ISO100 -- f13 -- 1/60