Untitled by Larysa Sendich
© 2011 Larysa Sendich
Third Prize 5.
      Juror's Comment

      From Robert Nishihira:
      "I was immediately drawn to this minimalist landscape, reminiscent of the Seascape series by Hiroshi Sugimoto. Sugimoto’s seascape photographs are bold, unspectacular yet beautiful depictions of sky and sea, separated by a perfectly placed horizon. Although differing in content, Ms. Sendich achieved the same calming effect with simple graphic use of space and line. She also employed contrast in scale, a design technique that often pulls the viewer into the photograph.

      "It’s interesting that the narrative is about people, Russian and Ukrainian immigrants, yet there is a stark absence of people in the photograph! I think this sophisticated approach in telling the story allows the viewer to be swept into a stream of consciousness, challenging but more interesting."

    • Title: Untitled
    • Artist: Larysa Sendich
    • From: Brooklyn, NY USA

    • e-mail: larysasendich@mac.com
    • Website: www.larysasendich.com

    Artist Statement

    "This image is part of a larger body of work, Between Waves, where I explored experiences of people who have resettled in non-native cultures. I have concentrated on two distinct generational waves of Ukrainian and Russian immigrants residing on the East Coast of the United States.

    "The themes of stillness and solitude are imperative to my work, in order to magnify this I use medium format film, selecting a palette that pushes saturation and color balance in order to enhance the intensity of the unfamiliar places that immigrants settle into outside of their homeland.

    "I have worked with these two groups and their surroundings to create images depicting the struggles of maintaining cultural heritage while adapting to new social environments. The work poses questions of what can be lost in transition and evokes a sense of isolation, confusion, friction, and dislocation."