In Good Hands by Linnea Lenkus
© 2011 Linnea Lenkus
Third Prize 4.
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:
      "Strength, softness, and courage. The lighting is wonderful: darkness surrounds the scene but glowing highlights bath the many hands and the girl’s upturned face. I found this world of gentle, selfless support quite inspiring. "

  • Artist Statement

    "This image was part of a portrait project named Healing that Linnea Lenkus created to bring awareness to and portray the emotions of a family affected by their children's developmental disabilities. It was created in conjunction with the Stramski Developmental Center which is a part of Miller Childrens Hospital in Long Beach, California.

    "This young woman has Rett Syndrome and endures daily seizures and loss of control of her body. Her primary 24-hour caretakers are her parents and her teenage brother and sister.

    "Linnea Lenkus is a portrait photographer and fine art photographer based in Southern California. She owns three portrait studios. More information about the project can be obtained on her blog:"