Street Children Centre, Mumbai, India. by Andrew Aitchison
© 2011 Andrew Aitchison
Second Prize 2.
      Juror's Comment

      From Robert Nishihira:
      "There’s somewhat of a paradox in this photograph. The action is bright but the room lighting is subdued. It all makes sense, however, when one learns that the young boy and girl are children of sex workers in Mumbai, India. Mr. Aitchison was asked not to disclose the identity of the children. He satisfied this requirement by skillfully using motion blur and silhouetting to hide their faces. Nevertheless, you can still see the children’s smiles.

      "I often tell students to crop tighter, move in closer. I usually agree with Robert Capa’s adage, 'If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough'. One might argue that Mr. Aitchison should have cropped tighter to focus on the action more. However, in this case, I believe that it is important that we see the walls and floor of the room with all the artwork. It gives context to the narrative while adding a bit of irony."

    • Title: Street Children Centre, Mumbai, India.
    • Artist: Andrew Aitchison
    • From: London, United Kingdom

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    • Phone: + 44 (796) 7353220
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    Artist Statement

    "While on assignment in India I visited a non-governmental organization called Prerana. They work with the children of sex workers in one of Mumbai’s many red light districts, offering them a safe place to eat, sleep and learn away from the sex industry. When I arrived at the center I noticed that the staff were very nervous of me having a camera. They work very hard to tackle the issues of stigma and they did not want me to take any photographs that showed the faces of the children or their parents. This was a good challenge for me to create images that protected these vulnerable people, yet told their stories. Using both motion blur and the window to silhouette the subjects of this frame I was confident that their identity was hidden enough but you could still see a smile and their happiness dancing around the room.

    "Shot on a Canon 5d Mk 2 using a 24 – 70 f2.8L lens. Hand held at an 1/8 of a second."