Grove 1820 by Lori Pond
© 2011 Lori Pond
Honorable Mention 11.
      Juror's Comment

      From Robert Nishihira:
      "The vertical symmetry produces a strongly anchored composition. It reminds me of a Rorschach Test. (What do you see?) The delightful vintage look of the photograph is supported by the vignetting, color and texture. Its simplicity is calming and very satisfying in this busy, chaotic world."

    • Title: Grove 1820
    • Artist: Lori Pond
    • From: Los Angeles, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "My photographs attempt to codify my dreams, to integrate and blur the lines between waking and dreaming, life and death. At times I recreate a specific dream; other times I imagine an entirely new dreamscape based upon what I see in the physical world, often combined with ideas I bring forward. I am not concerned with depicting reality as we see it, but instead enjoy altering reality just enough to open a window into the viewer's imagination.

    "Grove 1820 is a composite of two images I made with the camera: one of the trees and pond, the other of a cement wall, which I then blended into the first image to give the photograph more of a traditional tintype look. I painted in light, vignetting and detail with a digital brush. Since I made this image in 2010, several people have told me it reminds them of Edward Steichen's 1904 photograph, Pond Moonlight. I hadn't seen his image until it was recently pointed out to me. Maybe I saw it in a different life...

    "My creative process involves using both a digital camera and post processing tools to paint in light, color, texture and movement to reveal my photographic 'alpha state'. I print with archival pigments on to Hahnemuhle Fine Art Inkjet papers."