Dunes and Clouds 2 by Dave Closser
© 2011 Dave Closser
Honorable Mention 9.
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:
      "I’ve seen lots of dune photos (and made a few myself), but this one really struck me with its classic dance of flowing light and shifting, luminous shadows. That cloud has drifted to just the right spot, pulling your eye up and out towards infinity."

    • Title: Dunes and Clouds 2
    • Artist: Dave Closser
    • From: Boulder, CO USA

    • e-mail: dclosser@aol.com
    • Phone: + 1 (303) 554-5627
    • Address: 4628 Gordon Dr
      Boulder, CO 80305, USA

    Artist Statement

    "I first visited the dunes years ago with my son when he was 6. It was March, cold and stormy in Colorado at 8,000’. But we both fell in love with the place. I’ve returned numerous times since, in all seasons. I continue to be drawn back to the dunes by the striking contrast they provide to the rugged Colorado high country. An island of soft shapes, perfect lines and curves surrounded by often snow covered peaks. There’s something very peaceful about this. And from a photographers perspective they are forever changing, providing an infinite number of opportunities. The time of day, the season, the nature of the cloud cover all heavily influence the images that will be captured at any given time. But I can’t leave out that they are also just plain fun. Climb to the top then run down the steep soft slopes of sand, jumping, tumbling, getting covered in sand…"