Windy Windows by Tom Green
© 2011 Tom Green
Honorable Mention 2.
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:
      "The frame seems to hold both past and future, despair and inspiration, within a present that’s moving like the wind-blown blinds. Despair lurks in peeling paint and smashed glass; maybe a future escape lies in clouds reflected in what glass still remains. I love the crisp contrast that turns these details into icons."

    • Title: Windy Windows
    • Artist: Tom Green
    • From: Los Altos Hills, CA USA

    • Website:

    Artist Statement

    "I started shooting Mare Island after the Navy closed the navel base in 1995. On a windy day in 2010 I found this large, deserted, education building. Influenced by Edward Weston, George Barr, and James Millett, my passion for black and white photography directs me toward shooting compositions that reflect the human world, what we have created and what we will leave behind.

    "This image was captured by my Nikon D700 camera, converted to shoot only black and white infrared, the photography format that I find most dramatic. This image was shot at 1/250, f22, ISO 800."

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