The Light Dancer I by Piotr Trojanowski
© 2011 Piotr Trojanowski
First Prize.
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:
      "This is a brilliant blast of inspiration emerging from darkness. There’s subtle burnished color, just the right touch of detail in the dusky figure, and a great sense of movement. The incandescent tracers look like spirit burned into the air."

      From Deanne Fitzmaurice:
      "This strong image beautifully captures motion and light intersecting with the human body."

      From Robert Nishihira:
      "Photo literally means light and light is the first thing I think of when I see this wonderful image by Mr. Trojanowski. There’s a compelling layered effect that includes the figure, texture, and streaming light. The dynamic repetition of curves creates rhythm. By keeping the figure dark, the photographer emphasizes shape and form. The warm color palette reinforces the sensation of light."

    • Title: The Light Dancer I
    • Artist: Piotr Trojanowski
    • From: Mulazzano, Mulazzano Italy

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    Artist Statement

    "This project is a tale of motion and light. There is a human figure, in the middle, surrounded by an empty, dark and disturbed ambiance.

    "With his gesture he gives the form to the image of himself. He generates the light that defines him as a real presence and detaches the body from the world around.

    "With the action that becomes movement, the body shapes and turns into a liquid matter, a metaphor for the spirit.

    "At the same time he is indefinite, and entirely consistent because he is self-defined and different from what surrounds him."