Dolphins by Bill Bachman
© 2010 Bill Bachman

    • Title: Dolphins
    • Artist: Bill Bachman
    • From: East Hawthorn, VIC Australia

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    • Address: 55 Mayston Street
      East Hawthorn, VIC 3123, Australia

    Artist Statement

    At the end of a trek along the Milford Track on New Zealand’s South Island, our group enjoyed a cruise on Milford Sound. Just before sunset a small pod of dolphins started surfing the bow wave of our boat. The combination of dark water and fading light forced me to use a slow shutter speed – about 1/15 of a second. To get this perspective I had to lean over the bow rail to look straight down onto the dolphins. This was one of the last frames before my roll of film ran out. By the time I reloaded, both the light and the dolphins had gone. The fluid harmony of adult and juvenile dolphin provided one of the most memorable images of the whole trip. As a still frame this works in mysterious ways - there is so much in it, yet it is so simple.

    Shot on Fuji Velvia film using a Canon EOS3 camera, it was a week before I saw what I had captured. In the digital world we live in now, there is none of the anticipation and delayed gratification (or disappointment) found shooting with film. In some ways that is good, but it inarguably deprives the process of some of its mystery.