Level Cleared by Kevin G. Wong
© 2010 Kevin G. Wong

  • Artist Statement

    Level Cleared is a collaboration with the model, Ciprian. A tall guy – 6’2”, an Italian, with all the athleticism of a traceur, he wanted cool looking images. We had already taken frames in a street setting, but they weren’t hitting me as the high impact photo we wanted. I got to thinking of all the frenetic fast paced action sequences in the movie The Italian Job. I took some cues from the bold blue, red, and white colors of the featured Mini Coopers, and had Ciprian throw on a white jacket over his jeans and we headed to the final scouted location. It’s a great Richard Serra sculpture; rusted red ribbons of steel that would be a great counterpoint. The sun was setting so we didn’t have much time. I quickly set up lights and had Ciprian take some practice jumps, rebounding off of one wall and out through one end of the sculpture. 3 – 2 – 1 Action! We got this photo on an early frame and we called it a wrap. Another Level Cleared.