From the Project
© 2010 Darin Boville

    • Title: From the Project "Stieglitz Nebulae", 2010
    • Artist: Darin Boville
    • From: Montara, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    In the 1920's Alfred Stieglitz, photography pioneer, husband of Georgia O'Keefe, and champion of photography as an art form, began a series of cloud photographs he called "Equivalents." His thinking was that photography wasn't merely a method of recording things but an artistic medium capable of transmitting pure emotions, much like lyric-less music is able to convey such deep complexities, touching something within us without words and without replicating natural sounds.

    A century later, amid a technical revolution in the way images are produced, doubts are growing about photography, about its purpose, about its vitality. We may need reminding that photography--real photography--is capable of those deeper complexities. I decided the time was right to remake Stieglitz's series. I started by gathering images of nebula photographed by space telescopes. Then, one by one, hour after hour, day after day, I removed the stars. It was like looking Steiglitz straight in the eye.