1:1 Series, Untitled 2 by Doug Clark
© 2010 Doug Clark

    • Title: 1:1 Series, Untitled 2
    • Artist: Doug Clark
    • From: Jacksonville, AL USA

    • e-mail: dclark@dougclark.com

    Artist Statement

    The images in my 1:1 Series are gathered from near my house in Jacksonville, Alabama. When I moved out here from Washington State I had to reinterpret my relationship with landscape photography. The thick forest and plant diversity of this region along with a lack of open landscapes brought me to a macro perspective on natural forms. The series 1:1 was all shot on a still life macro table set up in my house. Instead of going out into nature to compose my images I bring smaller forms inside to explore their surfaces and shapes. The images are reproduced in a large format print to be shown in a gallery allowing the intricacies of these natural forms to create their own grand landscapes.