Tram to Kennedy Town by Michael A. Smith
© 2010 Michael A. Smith

    • Title: Tram to Kennedy Town
    • Artist: Michael A. Smith
    • From: Yonkers, NY USA

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    Artist Statement

    Tram To Kennedy Town is from a series titled Fluid Instance that was completed during a two-year sabbatical in Hong Kong.

    This image was captured while I was walking and simultaneously dragging the camera shutter, tracking a rolling tram while working the camera through a spontaneously mapped arc. The frame is a shared space containing my movement as well as that of the camera and subject. As particular detail emerges from the swirl of exposure and color it anchors the image, allowing the whole to take form around it. The image represents a Doppler refraction, is a digital impression of time stretched into itself.

    Tram To Kennedy Town was recorded on a Canon G6 digital camera. The exposure settings were 1second at f/8, ISO 50. It was output as a giclée print.