Structure 2 by Ilia Uzunoski
© 2010 Ilia Uzunoski

    • Title: Structure 2
    • Artist: Ilia Uzunoski
    • From: Bexley, NSW Australia

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 61 (622) 95881161
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    • Address: 4 Washington Street
      Bexley, NSW 2207, Australia

    Artist Statement

    One of the most celebrated icons in Australia is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a national icon. On his 75th birthday, the bridge was closed for transportation and was open all day for the public to walk on. More than one million people walked through the bridge in both directions. On that day, I was the photographer for Macedonian ethnic newspaper called “Australian Macedonian Weekly” and I took the opportunity to photograph the Bridge from the unique position. At any other normal day, I would have not had the chance to photograph the bridge in the position, which I have; this is why it is unique.