Pigeon Point - 135th Anniversary Lighting by Edward Nunez
© 2010 Edward Nunez

    • Title: Pigeon Point - 135th Anniversary Lighting
    • Artist: Edward Nunez
    • From: Fremont, CA USA

    • e-mail: enunez@mac.com
    • URL: www.craftedlight.com

    Artist Statement

    Every year, on the Saturday closest to November 15th, the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in California is lighted with the original Fresnel lens, which provides 24 beams of light from the top of the lighthouse. They turn it on for 2 hours, the first 5 minutes the lights are static and provides the best opportunity to capture it this way. After that, the light starts rotating. You have to make the best of those 5 minutes, this particular year the fog was really heavy on the lighthouse and it was kind of hard to get it from far. This is my best result.