Train Tracks by Darren Names
© 2010 Darren Names

    • Title: Train Tracks
    • Artist: Darren Names
    • From: Chico, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    Most of my photographs capture the relationships between human and nature. I enjoy analyzing line, texture, color harmonies to create a minimalist composition and subject matter. Conceptual photography inspires me to communicate ideas with a certain level of abstraction. My photography and artwork utilizes gestalt compositions that evoke emotion with color harmonies, subjects, and contrast.

    Tracks Tracks is part of a series called conceptual photography Human In Nature. A smoke filled valley inspired the capturing of a vintage metal series. This hot summer day rendered a hazy sunlight that reflected sharply off the polished train wheel. The rail car wheel itself reflects the mirrored symmetry of the steel track, cobble rock, and dark sepia sky.