Fringe Boy by Karen M. Kelly
© 2010 Karen M. Kelly

    • Title: Fringe Boy
    • Artist: Karen M. Kelly
    • From: Golden, Colorado USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (480) 2165532
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    Artist Statement

    Capturing split seconds of action that you cannot see as it happens is exciting to me and working digitally allows me to accomplish this easier than ever before.

    Shooting with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II, I prefer small, outdoor arenas in the winter. Small arenas allow me to get closer with my 400mm lens -- the winter coats on the horses add an interesting textural element. With the smaller crowd, the audience tends to feed off each other, making it a more of a connective experience. It’s just so much fun!!

    After shooting is finished, I study my thousands of photos looking for and visualizing unusual compositions that are unique to the subject matter, that evoke an emotional response, with an element of surprise. I mainly use Photoshop to enhance and create effects, striving for an image where the viewer can see and feel the movement, instinctively knowing the whole story even without seeing the entire context or subject.