Bigger is Better by John Petro
© 2010 John Petro

    • Title: Bigger is Better
    • Artist: John Petro
    • From: Columbia, MD USA

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    Artist Statement

    In November of 2008 I was in Dallas, TX, for a wireless security conference. This was my first (and only) trip to Dallas. I always take some of my photography gear along on my business travels, and this trip, being limited to just the duration of the conference, I took only my Nikon D300 with one fixed focal length lens, the 24mm F2.8, AF/D. I was additionally limited in that I had no car, so could only photograph random street scenes within walking distance of the conference venue. Still, I got several photographs on that trip of which I am proud, "Bigger is Better" being one of them. When I saw the enormous Hummer ad on the side of large building bordering a nearly empty parking lot, dwarfing the one vehicle in the field of view, I knew this was a scene that needed to be captured and preserved. I liked the scene so much I had hoped to return to it another day/time to get it again with a different foreground - but given my constraints I was unable to revisit. But with street photography, that instant, random, 'aha' and first capture is usually the best. I am pleased that the scene fit nicely into the theme of the Coastal Arts League 2010 show.