Wave, Mt. Whitney by Rex Naden
© 2010 Rex Naden

    • Title: Wave, Mt. Whitney
    • Artist: Rex Naden
    • From: Los Gatos, CA USA

    • e-mail: rex@rexnaden.com
    • URL: www.rexnaden.com

    Artist Statement

    I was shooting in the Alabama Hills on a March day of unsettled weather. I spent most of my time looking nearby or towards the east. Having found nothing interesting, I started to return to my car, happened to look up, and saw this amazing shot of a large wind wave over Mt. Whitney. Since there was no wind or sound at my location, it was kind of eerie to see this spectacle. The rare Whitney Wave is witness to the fact that there was, in fact, a lot of wind at 15 to 20,000 altitude!

    Galen Rowell and others have shown shots of the Sierra Wave many times, but this is the first time I’ve seen a shot of the Whitney Wave.

    This was a color image shot with a medium format camera and a 39Mpixel digital Phase One back.