Searching by Keith Buckley
© 2010 Keith Buckley

    • Title: Searching
    • Artist: Keith Buckley
    • From: Portland, Oregon USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (503) 232.8785
    • Address: 2014 NE Sandy Blvd. – Suite 208
      Portland, Oregon 97232, USA

    Artist Statement

    This almond shaped multi-layered “Wedding Cake” construction had no visible windows or doors. It appeared to me to be, a folk art-like personal offering, temple or church of some sort. ...also reminds me of an early video game called “Lemmings”.

    A large portion of my images come as “gifts” and I strive to resolve the final image to reflect my emotions at the time and place of discovery.

    Canon 5D
    ISO 800; f/20 @ 160 sec. - 66mm
    Shot date: July 2009