Red Rider by Karen M. Kelly
© 2010 Karen M. Kelly

    • Title: Red Rider
    • Artist: Karen M. Kelly
    • From: Golden, Colorado USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (480) 2165532
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    Artist Statement

    My love of outdoors and horses came from my late Dad. Even though we were raised in Chicago, my Dad was a renegade back in the day who, at one time, rode bareback broncs locally and even rode a horse right into his mother’s house and into the kitchen!

    He made sure we were exposed to not only the culture of our big city, but to the awe and magnificence of nature. He made great friends whom we considered family in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan which is where I spent many summers on their farm riding horses, working at the fair and going to the rodeo.

    As a rodeo fan, I am drawn not only to the history, but the excitement, the patriotism, and present day of the hard working cowboys. True Grit!! As an artist, I found a way to intertwine all of these things I love from my life experiences, use the technology that thrills me and create images that hopefully evoke reactions that reflect how I feel.