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© 2010 Darin Boville
Third Prize 4.
      Juror's Comment

      From Stephen Chalmers:

      Steiglitz Nebulae is one of the smaller, quieter pieces in the Michael H. Kellicutt International Photo Show. Upon close inspection, this smart piece looks backward into the history of photography to reference the Equivalents series by famed Photographer Alfred Stieglitz. While both photographers attempt to capture abstraction to free the viewer from literal interpretations - here, Boville offers us his own personal take on the subject through his removal of stars from astronomical photographs.

    • Title: From the Project "Stieglitz Nebulae", 2010
    • Artist: Darin Boville
    • From: Montara, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    In the 1920's Alfred Stieglitz, photography pioneer, husband of Georgia O'Keefe, and champion of photography as an art form, began a series of cloud photographs he called "Equivalents." His thinking was that photography wasn't merely a method of recording things but an artistic medium capable of transmitting pure emotions, much like lyric-less music is able to convey such deep complexities, touching something within us without words and without replicating natural sounds.

    A century later, amid a technical revolution in the way images are produced, doubts are growing about photography, about its purpose, about its vitality. We may need reminding that photography--real photography--is capable of those deeper complexities. I decided the time was right to remake Stieglitz's series. I started by gathering images of nebula photographed by space telescopes. Then, one by one, hour after hour, day after day, I removed the stars. It was like looking Steiglitz straight in the eye.