Washington By Storm by Richard A Latoff
© 2010 Richard A Latoff
Honorable Mention 8.
      Juror's Comment

      From Janet Jones:

      We are first drawn to this photo by the luminous color and the strong contrast of the scene. The diagonals direct us to the base of the monument, whose upward thrust brings us back to the sky, where the near symmetry of the composition is shattered by the jagged lines of lightning.

    • Title: Washington By Storm
    • Artist: Richard A Latoff
    • From: Arlington, Virginia USA

    • e-mail: rick@latoff.com
    • Phone: + 1 (703) 578-3474
    • Address: 3529-B1 South Utah Street
      Arlington, Virginia 22206-1851, USA

    Artist Statement

    My first successful effort at capturing a lightning shot; three years to get this one, it was taken from the top landing of the Lincoln Memorial.

    Rules are made to be broken. Was told to always use F4 when shooting lightning - I used F8. Was told to use fast film - I used Velvia ASA 50. Was told to use tungsten corrected film - I used daylight film without sufficient 5K light. The green is caused by the artificial light, the magenta by the lightning. F8 got me the depth of field I wanted. Don't believe everything you are told.

    Nikon F4, Velvia ASA 50, 85mm lens, Tripod with cable release.