Delhi by Frances Freyberg
© 2010 Frances Freyberg
Honorable Mention 7.
      Juror's Comment

      From Janet Jones:

      This image is more than a successful travel photo. The subject is intrinsically interesting, a claustrophobic throng of humanity out of which one white-clad figure emerges, oblivious to his surroundings. The photo is framed at the top by a tangle of wires and cables, and patches of red and orange in signs and clothing lead the eye through the scene, rewarding closer inspection.

    • Title: Delhi
    • Artist: Frances Freyberg
    • From: Menlo Park, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (650) 273-3505
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    Artist Statement

    This photo was taken from the steps of Jama Masjid (India's largest mosque) in the heart of Old Delhi, looking down over the hustle and bustle of Matya Mahal. It was taken in January, a typically foggy month for the area, when the people in the distance fade to grey. To me, this street exemplifies the raw energy of Delhi, one of the world's largest cities, with more than 12 million people. Delhi is a city constantly on the go, and the streets are crowded with vendors, cycle rickshaws, bicycles, animals and pedestrians...not to mention cars, scooters and auto-rickshaws. Lining the streets, shop owners compete for the attention of passers-by, while sidewalk chefs offer steaming glasses of chai, or tasty bites of chaat. Above, a crazy tangle of wires haphazardly stretches across the street and down the sides of the buildings, framing the scene below.