Portrait of Scotty Prince by Bill Westheimer
© 2010 Bill Westheimer
Honorable Mention 5.
      Juror's Comment

      From Stephen Chalmers:

      This graphic image of a hand from a colloidion negative (as a stand-in for a portrait of Scotty Prince) encapsulates the exhibition theme of "Energy, Strength, and Power." As a solo image, it appears to take inspiration from some other known photographers such as Albert Watson's volume Cyclops. On his website, Westheimer uniquely uses hand writing below each "portrait" to give the viewer a clue as to the identity and vocation of his subject.

    • Title: Portrait of Scotty Prince
    • Artist: Bill Westheimer
    • From: West Orange, NJ USA

    • e-mail: bill@billwest.com
    • URL: www.billwest.com
    • Address: 62 Glen Avenue
      West Orange, NJ 07052, USA

    Artist Statement

    I love to make portraits, but I prefer to view my subjects from my own angle. MANUAL is a collection of portraits of people from diverse backgrounds from around the globe. In each hand portrait, I study the dominant hand, checking it for evidence of how they have lived, who they are, and what they may become. I collaborate with my subjects to expose their hands and their personalities. Without the distraction of faces, these images become honest and deeply perceptive portraits, reflecting the lifestyle, habits, and sensitivity of each subject.

    Using 19th century collodion wet-plate techniques, I photograph each person's dominant hand. The photograph makes a richly detailed image with special tonalities exposed by the medium's sensitivity to blue wavelengths of light. The 5.5" x 4.25" glass plate negatives are digitally scanned and enlarged for giclee prints. The series comprises 150 portraits that reflect the diversity and the commonalities of humanity - see www.manualproject.com.