Sojourner by Virginia Saunders
© 2009 Virginia Saunders

    • Title: Sojourner
    • Artist: Virginia Saunders
    • From: Hopkins, SC USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (803) 783.0766
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    • Address: 1300 Louis LeConte Rd
      Hopkins, SC 29061, USA

    Artist Statement

    The camera is a tool that enables me to explore, translate and articulate my personal aesthetic. Sojourner is part of a new body of work based on recent travels in Europe. The piece utilizes multiple photographs taken in Italy. The key photo was shot one morning at Milan's central train station. A man was slumbering on a heavy stone bench in front of a massive wall as fellow travelers streamed by, ignoring him. It was a compelling scene that demanded my attention. From a nearby escalator I found the best vantage point. Shooting in low light conditions with a hand-held camera on a moving stairway, my view was intermittently blocked by people whizzing by on an adjacent escalator. It took many rides up and down before I finally got the shot I wanted.

    Sojourner is composed of approximately 5 digital photographs, portions of which were overlapped via 35 separate layers. The photos were shot in raw format using a 12.8 megapixel digital SLR and imported into Photoshop CS3 for compositing.