Morning Shadow by Al Bruton
© 2009 Al Bruton

    • Title: Morning Shadow
    • Artist: Al Bruton
    • From: San Diego, CA USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (619) 224.4515
    • Address: 1095 Devonshire Dr
      San Diego, CA 92107, USA

    Artist Statement

    Rising to heights in excess of 1000 feet, the red dunes of Soussesvli, Namibia represent one of the wonders of the world. During a brief period of morning light the contrast of light and shadow highlights the extremes of sand stacked to maximum angles, almost ready to collapse. Yet these dunes are in constant motion. For comparison, the tree at the lower left of the photograph is over 35 feet tall.

    This image was taken using a Nikon D-300, Bogan tripod mounted with a Nikon 200-400mm lens at 400mm. It was shot at f5.6 at 1/320th of a second at ISO 200.