The Coat Hanger by David Eli Vaughn
© 2009 David Eli Vaughn

    • Title: The Coat Hanger
    • Artist: David Eli Vaughn
    • From: Chatsworth, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (818) 346-7655
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    • Address: 22807 Plummer St
      Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA

    Artist Statement

    I name my pieces for an object visible in the sky. It is not always a prominent object, but is usually somewhere near the center of the image. In this case, the Coathanger, sometimes called Brocchi's Cluster, or, more properly, designated Collinder 399, is visible in the constellation Vulpecula.

    I use a medium format film camera mated to a motorized equatorial mount, coupled to a guiding telescope. My exposure times range from about 15 minutes to three hours, or more. During the exposure, I venture into the field of view, for a few moments at a time, to highlight an otherwise dark landscape, and to establish my presence as an observer. The rest of the time, my eyes are glued to the eyepiece of my guidescope, my fingers to the keypad of my computerized mount. My prints represent one exposure; there is no post-processing or computer manipulation of any kind.