Autumn Frost by John Gavrilis
© 2009 John Gavrilis

    • Title: Autumn Frost
    • Artist: John Gavrilis
    • From: Aptos, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (831) 688-8855
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    • Address: 3004 Vienna Pines Ct.
      Aptos, CA 95003, USA

    Artist Statement

    An October wind storm had stripped the sugar maples of their colorful autumn leaves. That night the ground had frozen. The following morning the fallen leaves lay still as they glistened with icicles.

    As a departure from my usual landscape approach, I aimed the camera perpendicular, instead of parallel to the ground. I then isolated the subject matter for a more detailed composition. Minutes later the early morning sun would soon melt the Autumn Frost.

    Camera - 4x5 Linhof Master Technika
    Lens - 210mm Nikkor
    Film - Fuji Velvia 50
    Exposure - F45 @ 3 sec.
    Filter - 81A