Standing Out by Jerry Berry
© 2009 Jerry Berry
      Juror's Comment

      From Charlie Cramer:
      A stunning example of background versus foreground. A magical scene.

    • Title: Standing Out
    • Artist: Jerry Berry
    • From: Meadow Vista, CA USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (530) 878.8461
    • URL:
    • Address: 15915 McElroy Rd
      Meadow Vista, CA 95722, USA

    Artist Statement

    In my image making, I seek to discover the spiritual essence of the elements of nature's beauty. My methods are varied, but the result is the culmination of tapping into a higher source through intuition, experimentation, and sometimes just plain luck. Initial image capture is only the first step in the process of reviewing the possibilities of the moment. Sometimes the image needs to lie in my deep unconscious before the vision is reveled. Standing Out was captured in Idaho in the fall of 2007. The strong vertical imagery of an Aspen stand draws admiration and awe from most who have stood in their presence. It wasn't until I was home and began viewing the images I captured, that I realized what it was about this one that was so intriguing to me. The result Stands Out before you...