Blizzard by John Shuptrine
© 2009 John Shuptrine
      Juror's Comment

      From Charlie Cramer:
      Beautiful printing in abstracting the trees, with just a hint of foreground grass.

    • Title: Blizzard
    • Artist: John Shuptrine
    • From: Lynchburg, VA USA

    • e-mail:
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    • Address: 216 Mill Lime Rd
      Lynchburg, VA 24503, USA

    Artist Statement

    This photograph is part of a continuing study of a group of planted trees near my home in Lynchburg Va. I took this image during a true, (and rare), driving snowstorm. It was quite cold and wet! I had little time to set up and take the image before my fingers would stop working well. I was using a medium format camera (mamiya 7) and a fairly wide-angle lens (65mm). The scene was somewhat over exposed and the film slightly over developed which resulted in this high contrast image.