Winter Minimalism by Saulius Eidukas
© 2009 Saulius Eidukas

    • Title: Winter Minimalism
    • Artist: Saulius Eidukas
    • From: Bend, OR USA

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    • Address: PO Box 1532
      Bend, OR 97708, USA

    Artist Statement

    When photographing this image the original version was done in color and contained more of the scene in front of me than what is seen in this final version. At the time I realized several elements were drawing me to the scene: the juxtaposition of the reflection of a tree in the water with the grass in the snow; the dark surface of the water with its gentle ripples versus the smooth white of the snow bank. I also wanted to show the snowfall that was coming down, but with a more impressionistic feeling without letting it dominate the scene so I used a long exposure to accomplish this. I am a believer that the photographic art process does not always end with the click of the shutter, but can continue in either the traditional darkroom or the computer light room. By cropping out the other elements in the original scene I achieved a stronger focus on the tree and grass. This panoramic format along with making the image black and white helps further draw focus to the subtle shapes and forms of the final image.