Murder of crows by Angela Waite
© 2009 Angela Waite

    • Title: Murder of crows
    • Artist: Angela Waite
    • From: Calgary, Alberta Canada

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    • Phone: + 1 (403) 547-8703
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    Artist Statement

    This image was half planned, half spontaneous, which I think is the inspiration and art of photography. Not everything can be planned and the surprises sometimes make for the best images though, ironically, the best surprises usually only occur after careful planning. I was actually out shooting skyscrapers the day this image was shot. I chose the late afternoon to catch the setting sunlight on the reflective buildings, which I planned to use for a urban series. But I wasn't happy with the pictures I had taken until I turned around and saw this old church that started to glow in the light. I shot a few images before the sun was gone and I loved the highlights, shadows and juxtaposition of the old and new. The crows added another layer or dimension, some movement and life to the image.