Kingi Taurua by Patricia Steur
© 2009 Patricia Steur
      Juror's Comment

      From Janet Jones:
      Besides perfectly embodying the theme, "Contrasting Elements", this beautifully composed image places a penetrating portrait in a sociological context.

    • Title: Kingi Taurua
    • Artist: Patricia Steur
    • From: Kockengen, Utrecht Netherlands

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    • Other: phone:00-31-346562696
    • Address: Industrieweg 4
      Kockengen, Utrecht 3628 EZ, Netherlands

    Artist Statement

    I photographed Kingi in a setting of a terrace in Auckland in 2000. The people in the background are important to create a time image. It was the beginning of many more trips to Auckland to work on our book Dedicated by Blood on invitation by Gordon Toi Hatfield who is the creator of all the mokos in the book. It was one of the most incredible experiences in my life to work so close with the Maori. I was allowed to witness the renaissance of a lost culture from the inside out.

    Kingi is an important and well respected man in his clan. He has his own radio station where he covers maori matters. He is also an actor.

    Photographed with an analogue Hasselblad. ISO 100, speed 60 and f stop 8 on tripod . Since 2004 I work with a digital Hasselblad.