Station by Doug  Clark
© 2009 Doug Clark
      Juror's Comment

      From Janet Jones:
      This bleak nightscape combines a strong visual impact with a haunting, vaguely threatening atmosphere. The monochromatic composition, with a single note of muted color, achieves a perfect equilibrium in which each element is in exactly the right relationship to the others.

    • Title: Station
    • Artist: Doug Clark
    • From: Jacksonville, AL USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (256) 452-9326
    • Address: PO Box 1185
      Jacksonville, AL 36265, USA

    Artist Statement

    In the Illumination Series images, I am working with landscapes from perspectives which are only revealed through artificial lighting. All of the photographs in this series are composed with existing light from a single or simple light sources. The empty environments are illuminated by a light source that represents the human presence. I want the viewer to interact with these images of scenes that would normally go unnoticed. When the subject is removed from the context of its surroundings it is no longer a document of a specific place but rather an open-ended narrative that can be finished by the viewers' histories, experiences, and imaginations. Working in a digital environment allows me to build these images from their parts and construct a scene that illustrates a hyper-real presentation.