Sadhu from Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Nepal by Catherine M. Keller
© 2009 Catherine M. Keller

    • Title: Sadhu from Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Nepal
    • Artist: Catherine M. Keller
    • From: Quesnel, BC Canada

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    • Phone: + 1 (250) 992.5087

    Artist Statement

    For Hindus Pashupatinath is sacred. The Sadhu is the holy man. My eye was drawn to this particular Sadhu because he seemed out of context. Sitting in yogi posture, separate from the other Sadhus, Yogis, and Babus, he appeared to be on a smoke break.

    How contradictory this was to me; in this most sacred place, the smells of funeral pyre from across the river filling my nostrils, the notion of death reminding me of my own personal losses.

    This is a place where Sadhus have renounced all worldly goods and have smiles on their faces. Being there brought joy and tears to my heart!