Sossusvlei Sanddune 3 Namibia by Cyril Mazansky
© 2009 Cyril Mazansky

    • Title: Sossusvlei Sanddune 3 Namibia
    • Artist: Cyril Mazansky
    • From: Newton Center, MA USA

    Artist Statement

    This image of sand dunes was photographed in Namibia at the location of the oldest & largest sand dunes in the world called Sossusvlei. Their beauty & photographic attraction lie in the patterns they create balanced by another component, usually a tree.

    The striking contract comes from the shapes of these dunes, where only one side at a time is exposed to the sunlight. Hence photographing them at the extremes of the day is critical to obtaining this desired effect and impact.

    Sossusvlei 3 was taken within two minutes of the sun rising above the horizon & this image was lost within a few minutes thereafter.