Opening to the world by Alexandre Buisse
© 2009 Alexandre Buisse

    • Title: Opening to the world
    • Artist: Alexandre Buisse
    • From: Copenhagen, Denmark

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    Artist Statement

    Opening to the world was taken in the convent of Santa Catalina, in Arequipa, Peru. Everything there is contrast: quietness against the noise of the city, shadows against the Andean sun, seclusion and retirement against the exuberant life outside, and most visibly of all, the walls painted in bright red and blue, while Arequipa is known as the White City.

    I tried to render as many of these contrasts as possible through my image, but what interested me most was how this window was a gate, an opening, something through which this secluded monastery could reach the rest of the world.

    The scene was just in the boundaries of the dynamic range of my camera, which allowed me to easily retain details in all areas, with very little processing applied.