Allyn from the Modern Day Diana Series by Margaret LeJeune
© 2009 Margaret LeJeune

    • Title: Allyn from the Modern Day Diana Series
    • Artist: Margaret LeJeune
    • From: Batesville, AR USA

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    Artist Statement

    The Roman goddess of the hunt was Diana. She was praised for her strength, athletic grace, beauty, and hunting skills. Her vigor and health were admired and her strength and protection was sought for young children and women in childbirth.

    This series explores the modern notions of women hunters. Each image depicts a very personal representation of the sitter, made evident by the setting. By photographing in each women's home or hunting lodge I seek to create a dynamic that questions the relationship between the domestic sphere, traditionally the woman's place, and the hunting world, typically a masculine realm. The attributes of Diana, that of the bow and arrow, hunting dog, stag and animal pelts, further express this dichotomy.