Refugees and Empty Shells by Walter Astrada
© 2009 Walter Astrada
Third Prize 2.
      Juror's Comment

      From Janet Jones:
      This arresting image draws us in from a distance for a closer look, and then delivers a powerful punch. The selective focus heightens the impact.

    • Title: Refugees and Empty Shells
    • Artist: Walter Astrada
    • From: Getxo, Vizcaya Spain

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 34 256.754
    • URL:
    • Address: c/benturillena 9, bajo derecha
      Getxo, Vizcaya 48993, Spain

    Artist Statement

    This picture is a scene of war. I was covering a new chapter in the long war in Eastern Congo. I saw thousands of the Congolese civilian fleeing because the fighting.

    This picture was taken days later when they were going back home and when I saw the empty shells I decided to use them to in the same pictures with the real victims of any armed conflict, the civilians.

    The picture was taken in Raw format using a 12.3 megapixels digital camera and imported in Photoshop CS3.