Litmus Paper by Ferenc Kovács
© 2009 Ferenc Kovács
Honorable Mention 6.
      Juror's Comment

      From Janet Jones:
      This beautiful abstraction uses the camera as to tool to combine tangible reality with elements not seen by the eye until captured by the camera.

    • Title: Litmus Paper
    • Artist: Ferenc Kovács
    • From: Szentendre, Pest Hungary

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    Artist Statement

    Most of my photos contain visual elements which are today mostly referred to as digital effects. I do not, however, insert these effects into the photo via some image editing software. Rather, I actually shoot them into the picture.

    In the bottom of the picture, there is the water surface, clearly visible in its physical reality, while in the upper half you can see an airless space of immaterial light beams. This combination of the water surface, easily recognizable, with the perfect contingency of light, is what gives the picture its unity and dynamism. Contrasting elements. If we dip some of these real elements, as a litmus paper, we will surely catch a moment of the day. In the meantime, water, light, as well as the colors and forms, will still shape the picture as geographical formation of billions of years. Thus, the encounter between the two worlds becomes not only intelligible, but also subtly perceptible. It was no small luck that I had the chance to capture the two spaces in such an intimate night vision. Days and nights, software and cameras: we are heading for a digital age. But on the way we keep pressing the release button. Long live photography!