• Title: Blue Leaf #2
    • Artist: Robert Brummitt
    • From: Beaverton, OR USA
    • e-mail: robert8x10@comcast.net
    • Phone: +1 503.614.0161

    Artist Statement

    The Blue Leaf series comes from my daily walks around my home. I carry a small digital camera for quick photos and if the subject tickles my creative eye. I will come back with either a larger digital camera or more likely a medium or large format film camera. I have been photographing leaves for most of my time as a photographer. I find that leaves offer me such great Varity of subject matter, the colors, the details and the patterns. The leaves grow, change and die and at each stage there's a beauty of it's own. Even after the leaf is gone. The Blue leaf comes when the plant has fallen and starts to lose if colors.When a leaf has totally left this world sometimes it leaves a mark on the sidewalk. Which gives me the Urban petroglph series.